Searching in Unicode files

Aba automatically recognizes UTF-8 and UTF-16 LE files and handles them appropriately.

Troubleshooting Aba's encoding recognition

In rare cases, the file encoding may be recognized incorrectly and you will be unable to search for extended ASCII characters in the file.

If you have a problem with encodings, please type the regular expression ^^ to see all files in your folder and view them in the context viewer. If any of the files is displayed incorrectly, you should:

The encoding is shown in the right lower corner of the window (near to the selected file name), for example, file.htm, Win Latin-1 or file.htm, Unicode UTF-8.

The usual problem is specifying a wrong encoding in the Meta tag, for example, tagging Win Latin-1 file as ISO Latin-1. You should correct such tags, because the file will be incorrectly handled not only by Aba, but also by many web browsers.

This is a page from Aba Search and Replace help file.