Replacing multiple lines of text

Replacing banner code using regular expression

Searching in Unicode files

A sample search for international characters

You can replace several lines without any special treatment for line separators. This feature is useful for replacing banner code and other repeating elements. Note that regular expressions can span multiple lines, too. Windows (CR+LF) and Unix-style (LF) line terminators are supported.

UTF-8 and UTF-16 LE files are supported; the file encoding is recognized automatically. In a regular expression, you can use Unicode-enabled character classes. For example, \w matches not only English letters, but also German umlauts and French letters with diacritics.

Inserting some text at the beginning of each file

Insert DOCTYPE tag in several html files

Using search history and favorites

Search history and favorites menu

You can insert some lines, e.g. C++ #include directive or <!DOCTYPE> tag, at the beginning of your files. Note that the program shows you the files that will be modified and the replacements in context.

You can repeat a previous search or a replacement. If you come up with a useful regular expression, save it in favorites. It's possible to remove items from the search history in order to protect your privacy.

Undoing a replacement

Undo tab

Changing program options

The Limits tab of the options window

Your files are saved in Aba's backup folder, so you can undo a replacement if you change your mind. The backups can be removed when no longer needed.

In options, you can set up colors, font, preferred editor for your files, and the interface language (English, German, Italian, or Spanish). There are also some limits to prevent overloading your computer.

And much more...

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