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I've been using Aba Search And Replace for just three hours now, and already I have saved, quite easily, 20-25 hours worth of work I would have had to do without the use of your program. I really appreciate you for creating such a simple and useful tool.

Jonathan Kraft

This is a very well-written search / search-and-replace utility. Lean, exceptionally fast, easy to use. This was one of those utilities that I don't normally need, but after checking out the website and features, even though there are freeware offerings, this was well worth the purchase just to have available. The incremental search speed is astonishing. The product is excellent, but it could do with code signing. As for ordering, I hate Plimus, and you can't use a free email address (I strongly prefer Gmail).

Frank Stephens
Note from the developer: we added code signing and switched from Plimus to PayPro Global after this review, so you can use a Gmail address now.

Your “search-as-you-type” interface and UTF-8 matching should be known more widely. I use Japanese, English, and Arabic in my html files and no other software satisfied me. It is not easy to use regular expressions in general, but search-as-you-type function helps to set regular expression codes easily.

Kazuki Shimomura, Japan

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Replacing text in several files used to be a tedious and error-prone task. Aba Search and Replace solves the problem, allowing you to correct errors on your web pages, replace banners and copyright notices, change method names, and perform other text-processing tasks.


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January 28, 2023. Aba Search and Replace is certified for publication to the Microsoft Store.

December 11, 2022. Aba 2.5. New features: search and replace from the command line, skipping subdirectories, and sorting the found files.

October 1, 2022. Our response to the war in Ukraine.

January 8, 2022. Which special characters must be escaped in regular expressions?

October 10, 2021. Aba 2.4.1. Fixed the \n escape sequence in the replacement string. Many thanks to the user who reported the bug.

September 5, 2021. Aba 2.4 was released. New features include support for 4K monitors and very long paths (longer than 260 characters). German , Italian , French , and Spanish translations are available.