Terms of Purchase

Thank you for your interest in registering Aba and Replace. The price for one license is $30 (including VAT for the European Union). The fee can be paid by all major credit cards, cheque, wire transfer, or PayPal. Registered users get the following benefits:

After using this program for 30 days, you must register it.

Do I need a personal license or a multi-user license?

By pressing the Submit order button on the purchase page, you are placing a binding offer for a purchase contract with us. The contractual provisions are published on this page; we don't store your purchase contract. Before submitting your order, you can review the payment details you provided and correct any mistakes. The purchase page is translated to multiple languages, so you can use it in your native language. The purchase contract is made in English; it becomes effective when we accept the order by sending you the purchase confirmation by email.

After placing an order, you will receive an email with your purchase confirmation and instructions to activate the software. Please be sure to specify the correct email address in the purchase form. Usually, you receive the email immediately, but in case of high-risk orders (potential credit card fraud) it may take up to 24 hours. We don't ship any physical product such as a CD-ROM. You will also receive an invoice by email. If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us.

If the software does not function properly, please contact us as well. You have the right to request any bug to be fixed free of charge within 2 years after purchasing the software. If the fix is not possible, you have the right to receive an appropriate discount corresponding to the scale of the problem.

Refund policy

During the first 14 days after your purchase, you can ask for a full refund if the software is not activated. Once the software is activated with your purchased license keys, you are ineligible for the refund. See § 1837, paragraph l) of the Czech law 89/2012 Sb. For the refund, please contact us via the support form.

These terms of purchase are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and the European Union. Any disputes between you and us can be settled out of court via the Czech Trade Inspection Authority or the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform. Please contact us if you have any unsettled dispute: please enable JavaScript to see the address or use the contact form.

Privacy policy

Effective date: December 25, 2022

Data Controller under GDPR: Piotr Kańkowski, Lidická 700/19, 60200, Brno, Czech Republic.

This privacy policy applies to this website (abareplace.com). Our payment page is powered by PayPro Global, Inc. that has its own privacy policy and may collect more personal data, use other cookies, or implement tracking techniques not mentioned here.

You can browse this website anonymously if you don't use the purchase page and the contact form. We use cookies to store your preferred language and temporary session cookies in the contact form. We only store your IP address when you start a purchase or submit the contact form. We don't use third-party JavaScripts for advertisement or analytics (only the payment page may contain them). We collect generic, anonymized statistics about most popular referrers, user agents, and other parameters, but this information does not allow us to identify or track individual visitors.

When visiting this website, you don't have to set up Do Not Track or Global Privacy Control headers because we don't track you by default and never sell your personal information.

When you buy our software, we collect and store the following information about you:

These personal data are necessary to complete the purchase. Without these data, we would be unable to prevent credit card fraud and correctly report our taxes (VAT, sales tax, GST, etc.), that's why we don't accept anonymous orders.

We securely store these categories of personal data with the following companies: PayPro Global, Inc. (a payment processor from Canada, covered by an EU Commission adequacy decision) and Hetzner Online GmbH (a web hosting provider from Germany). Hetzner Online GmbH is a data processor under GDPR (see our data processing agreement with them); PayPro Global, Inc. is our reseller and data controller under GDPR (see their privacy policy and data processing provisions).

When you write us using the contact form, we store the following info:

These personal data are necessary to send you the answer. If you don't provide your email address, we cannot reply to you. We store the data with our data processor Hetzner Online GmbH (see above).

We process your personal data for these purposes:

We keep this information for 10 years (which is also the required period to keep records for VAT in the EU). You can ask us to send you a copy of your personal data, to remove, or to update it at any time. You can also object to processing of your personal data or restrict the processing. Please inform us about any privacy issues or GDPR requests via the contact form. You also have a right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority (ÚOOÚ in Czech Republic).

PayPro Global Inc., the payment processor that we use, may do automated decision-making (risk scoring) based on the data you provided in order to prevent potential credit card fraud. They process high-risk orders manually and it may take a longer time. We don't do any other automated decision-making or profiling (such as for marketing purposes).

This website is not intended for children under the age of 16; we don't knowingly collect information from them.

We don't use your personal data to market any third-party products and services to you. We never sell or rent your personal data to telemarketers or anyone else.

We protect your data using multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, encryption, and other security measures. The contractors that we may hire have no access to your personal data. Your personal data is encrypted in-transit using the HTTPS protocol. We regularly update server software, monitor suspicious or unusual activity, run vulnerability scans, use full-disk encryption, encrypt all backups, and securely wipe disks before disposing of them.

We may change this privacy policy from time to time; when we do so, we post a notice in our blog.

Legal address

Piotr Kaňkowski. Lidická 700/19, 60200, Brno, Czech Republic.
Natural person recorded in the Czech Trade register. Registration number (IČO): 04‍133544.