Hotkey Action
Navigational keys
Tab, Shift+Tab Switch between controls
Ctrl+Tab Switch between Search and Replace tabs
Alt+1 Move focus to the results pane
Alt+2 Move focus to the context viewer
Alt+S Move focus to the "Search for" box (in English version)
Esc Quit the program
Hotkeys for toggling search modes (in the English version)
Alt+C Match case
Alt+H Whole word search
Alt+R Regular expressions
Hotkeys in the results pane
Up, Down, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End Move the selection
Left, Right Move to the previous/next file
Enter Open the file in an external program
Alt+Enter, Alt+Double click Open the Properties window
Space Check/uncheck box
Insert Check/uncheck box and move to the next occurrence
Ctrl+C Copy the results to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy the results to clipboard (the matching text only)
Hotkeys in the context viewer
Up, Down, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, Left, Right Navigate in the file
Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End Go to the beginning or the end of the file
Ctrl+Page Up, Ctrl+Page Down Go to the first or the last visible line
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert Copy selected text to clipboard
Sorting the results
Ctrl+F2 Sort by path (first by the directory, then by the file name)
Ctrl+F3 Sort by filename (regardless of the directory)
Ctrl+F4 Sort by extension
Ctrl+F5 Sort by modification date (recently changed files first)
Ctrl+F6 Sort by file size (the largest files first)

In non-English versions, press Alt + underlined character instead of the proposed shortcuts.

This is a page from Aba Search and Replace help file.