Aba 2.0 released

25 Oct 2011

Aba 2.0 screenshot

After a month of beta testing, I released Aba 2.0. The new features in this version include:

Many thanks to the beta testers: Kyle Alons, Massimiliano Tiraboschi, and JJS. Without your help, I would never find some tricky bugs :)

Unfortunately, German and Italian translations are still unfinished, but I'm waiting for response from our translators.

Aba Search and Replace screenshot

Replacing text in several files used to be a tedious and error-prone task. Aba Search and Replace solves the problem, allowing you to correct errors on your web pages, replace banners and copyright notices, change method names, and perform other text-processing tasks.

This is a blog about Aba Search and Replace, a tool for replacing text in multiple files.